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This service provides periodic build for some AUR package and Arch linux image for Google Compute Engine.

AUR repository

GPG fingerprint: 4A5360B500C9C4F0

Pacman configuration,

Server =

List of AUR packages in this repository,

Google Compute image for Arch Linux

The image is build from this fork, with the following customization,

  • systemd-boot instead of grub.

  • Using en_GB.UTF-8 as default local, instead of en_US.UTF-8.

  • Additional packages for sysadmin: vim-minimal, tmux, mosh, rsync, and unzip.

  • Cloud ops-agent package installed by default.

Example of command to use the image using gcloud CLI,

$ gcloud compute instances create INSTANCE_NAME \
      --image-project=arch-builder --image-family=arch